Finding a happy place between casual and formal footwear

It can be tough to successfully bridge a gap, though once you do it's worth it, especially if the other side of that bridge ends up by a Sbarro. Giving you yet another reason to bypass that Foot Locker, NYC kick slingers Heutchy.

Just falling into The Town (and only available at a handful of stores nationwide), this line of landed gentry-ish pedi-wear is meant to "bridge the gap" between casual and formal, and is helmed by a former designer from Marc by Marc Jacobs who boldly struck out on his own so he, NOT make his Marc? Kicking things off are:

The Alex: This sleek black/gray saddle shoe features a natural leather sole, and an upper made from Italian calfskin and a fine hair English suede, presumably because they were out of Methylphenidate.

The Charlie: This minimalist ankle-height Italian calfskin boot comes with a tinted leather sole, and boasts a stitched tongue detail arranged in a mini-row, which was previously only found in the Whole Foods parking lot, next to the Prius row.

The Combat Boot: A collab with another Marc Jacobs vet (Richard Chai), these Japanese canvas numbers feature a removable leather belt strap and an 8in shaft -- sorry, but that's a little too easy to joke off of. Whoops.

If you'd prefer to keep your feet planted firmly on the casual side, there're also leather sneaks with classic rubber soles, including the colorblocked Morley Oxford, and the hi-top Casey with options ranging from a perforated upper to one printed with a "digital nature abstract", which, if you stare at it just long should see...ah, who cares -- Sbarro's got strombolis!