Clothing generally takes huge steps following wars -- textile factories have more resources, people make more money, and everyone doesn't have to wear those silly helmets with the spikes on them. For a brand that understands the post-war boom -- check out Garbstore

Garbstore's an across-the-pond company dedicated to high-end streetware that modernizes fashion that first became popular after WWII, but not after WWF, as feather boas attached to gold spandex are pretty much timeless. Gear includes a down feather vest w/ vintage lifejacket fasteners, the waxed-cotton "Naval Crew Smock", and a heavy wool chino "Foreman's Coat", which is usually just olive oil, though most of it just ends up in that little drip tray anyway. For not-so-heavy-ness, they've got a chambray-collared denim button-up, the four-pocketed Japanese-fabric'd "Flight Shirt" , and an "Officer Shirt" made with Portuguese flannel, which looks like Spanish flannel, but that's just because EVERYONE IS IGNORANT TO THE SUBSTANTIAL DIFFERENCES!!

Since it'll obviously be warm again sooner rather than later, they've also just released a pair of '40s-influenced shorts that come in blue or tan -- a color that's going to take huge steps post-these last few wars, considering the Middle East is hella sunny.