When a branding concept works, it's best to just keep doing it, unless the idea isn't Easy on the eyes, because the idea is "ORANGE!!!!!". For slightly more stealthy branding than Stelios, grab some Stabo. From a pair of globe-trotting Londoners, Stabo started out screenprinting shirts and tees with simple, single-colour designs of objects and animals, but because "why stop there?" can occasionally be a pretty solid biz-development strategy, they've started applying their signature stencils on a much wider range of stuff. The aforementioned tees -- and now sweats as well -- are adorned with everything from wireframed old school VW Campers, to a grid of nine SLR cameras, to a cricket game complete with bowlers, batsmen, and relaxing spectators, or as they're technically known, "fielders". For the man who accessorizes/sometimes gives Christmas presents, there's a freshly landed line of ties, as well as leather goods like belts, wallets, card holders, and iPhone cases sporting designs as random as bumblebees, T-Rexes, guitars, lightbulbs, and Daleks; vintage canvas rucksacks have their images affixed to small leather patches, though unlike those holding together David Dickinson, they actually look attractive on an old bag.There is a small selection of unbranded stuff, like worn leather messengers fastened with chunky carabiners or large brass buckles, weather-wearing wax-coated jackets, and trousers made from upcycled WW2 military tents -- thank god Stelios wasn't around to camouflage them, or passing Jets would've had a very Easy target.