An American warplane, on your wrist

Exclusively sold in a Georgetown diamond shop on M Street, Dino Lonzano's beautiful line of watches does exactly what everyone's always wanted but lacked the balls to pull off: merging slick, luxury timepieces with World War II-era American warplanes.Designed in concert with a WWII museum, each of the 25 models incorporates elements from a different period jet, and all are Italian assembled, get Swiss automatic or French wind-up movements, and feature some German engineering, which's obviously sort of ironic, but... oh whatever, they're just too damn good at it. The line's divided up between:Bombers: These larger-faced timepieces will set you back a serious payloadcheck, but it's worth it to rock The Flying Fortress B-17 designed after the plane's tachometer (w/ a turbine-inspired stem), the Invader A-26, which mimics that plane's temperature gauge, and Billy's Bomber P-55, crafted to mirror its pressure gauge, which will register quite high for everyone around you still wearing G-Shocks instead of this awesome watch.Fighters: Smaller and less, umm, rapper-y, these run from the Air Cobra P-39-2 with an oil pressure gauge face & red propeller for the second hand, to the dial-heavy Warhawk Chrono P-40, which, with its "illuminating military numbers", was designed for that plane you always see painted with the snarling teeth, aka what you'll likely see being flashed in your direction should you foolishly try to walk around M Street with a cheap watch.