Bone up on serious style

For a cutting-edge NYC designer to open up shop in DC, they must've either A) correctly decided we're finally ready for high-end fashion, or B) have been comically confused about what "Metro Center" is. Whatever the reason, one of New York's best is now here, as the rag & bone shop opens in Georgetown.

Hawking lauded British-influenced (so, classic tailoring) sportswear, rag & bone's bi-level M Street outpost juxtaposes its rakish offerings with stark racks, plank floors, and halogen lamps from an old aircraft carrier, which probably consider their Mission Accomplished now that they're no longer illuminating those silly sailor uniforms. Your top gets outfitted at their bottom, as the ground floor houses everything from made-to-measure wool suiting (which actually gets stitched up back in Brooklyn), to spring wear like the light gray Avery Shawl Cardigan, to a summer-ready polo called the Flame Cotton Jersey in "poppy", meaning it's also the uniform of choice Team The Gin Blossoms. Below-the-belt styling happens upstairs, with denim like Grass Stain jeans (Japanese material with an earthy pigment), slim-fit knee-length chambray shorts, and shoes like their ankle-high Aberdeen Boot covered in "English waxed calf suede", though as long as they're going on about something besides the wedding, it seems like a step up.

And lest your accessories degrade your new outfit, they've got extras from square framed Vespa sunglasses, to a straw fedora, to a cotton backpack with leather straps, which again, would absolutely kill if there really was a Metro Center.