Be the envy of really big losers

Mark the first time one has ever received physical attention and embrace your inner geek with Line Draw, a collection of awesomely nerd-core designs out of Frederick, MD. Purchasable as prints, each image can also be slapped on a tee or 12oz canvas tote, just in case the Darth Vader design left any doubt about you being in vogue. Highlights include:

1. Roosevelt Riding a Bear Teddy mounts a decidedly less cuddly bear in uniform while wildly brandishing two uzis, as if to say "Yes, I too would be bored by the debt ceiling debate".

2. Best Friends This number imagines Dog the Bounty Hunter and Boba Fett as pals, presumably because they're in the same line of work, and both have to go home to Jabba the Hutt. Oh, that's just his wife? Whatever, just the work then.

3. Iron Man Here, Tony Stark's created a beam-based bike projected from his “palm laser”, which is also how Iron Pre-Teen Girl explodes her enemies after telling them to “talk to the hand”.

A lover of animals, Line also offers a series of wacky beast designs, like a scuba-unicorn swimming with a narwhal (whaaa!?), cats in the shape of a heart, and 50 dog breeds from the regal Great Dane to the jumpy Miniature Pinscher, whose quickness to hump is rivaled only by the geek inside of you.