Streetwear from a brand that took World History

Post-war periods facilitate major changes in fashion: a country's got more resources, the unburdened populace feels freer about self-expression, and those stupid military men finally stop hogging all the runways. For duds "richly ensconced in the history of clothing produced after the Second World War": Garbstore.

With a fresh winter drop just into Admo's Commonwealth, British-designed Garbstore's a collection of high-end streetwear which looks to give a "modern edge" to styles born 'n worn just after (or sometimes...before) WWII, and create an aesthetic that's "re-imagined and made historically new", or what Hollywood calls "cheaper than writing new scripts". Street-jaunty outerwear includes the black waxed cotton "Naval Crew Smock" with a white check pattern, a Penfield-collab'd down feather vest outfitted with vintage 1930s toggle fasteners (used on the period's life vests), and a single breasted, 9oz slub twill (chino fabric) number with wool lapels called the "Foremans Coat", which even in an XL, beats the Holy-Field Jacket. Lest your under-layers be any less rakish, they've got stylings like the "Officer Shirt" woven with colorful Portuguese flannel, a chambray-collared selvedge denim joint, and the two-tone (navy/ grey), four-pocketed "Flight Shirt" made from poplin flown in from Japan, meaning it's sure to take least once!

As spring is nominally coming, they've also just released a pair of tan or blue shorts inspired by naval long trousers from the 1940s, back when those silly sailors apparently didn't even care about their see legs.