There's a fine line between being an avid collector and a hoarder, namely that the latter makes you an A&E star, and the former just makes you an enormous loser. From a dude proving his normalcy by selling off his own stylish collection: retroEra

The now full-time biz of a Worcester artist/designer who started stockpiling vintage shirts back in high school (totally normal), RE's an elephantine ensemble of 500-plus impeccably maintained, authentic, ironic tees that've been mined from across New England and date back to the 1970s, so you know they're tight. Prime local flavor includes a sweet 1991 Chatham Harbor Run 10K short-sleever adorned with the requisite lighthouse and pink neon sun; a super-soft purple Acton tee lovingly screened with a postage stamp from the 01720; and an extremely rare handprinted Dukakis '88 crewneck with the candidate sitting atop a donkey -- fitting, as his campaign loss made him look like a total ass! he was rumored to bang donkeys. There's also throwback irony like an early '80s computer tee boasting "The Agony of Delete"; an old school Coca-Cola joint featuring Max Headroom; and a simple light beige number proclaiming "I Sleep European Style", which presumably means during the day, instead of going to work

Because man cannot survive on aged tees alone, RE also peddles warmer alternatives like a classic red/white/blue USA nylon half-zip track top, an iconic blue Members Only jacket, and a gloriously yellow/teal Le Tigre windbreaker bright enough to make the average person throw up, even if they refuse to throw anything out.