Claw Money Shades

With sunglasses, the more rock starrishness you attempt, the more you tend to look like a jackass -- a maxim so rigid, it even holds true for rock stars. To push the limit without crossing the line, try some Claw Money "Gazelles".

A Queens native, Money's a legendary NYC graffiti artist who's also worked as a stylist for Ice-T, Ice Cube, and the band whose frontman simultaneously encapsulated rock stardom and egregious J-asserie: Guns N' Roses. Now, Money's packed her art-rock experience into eyewear: handmade in Japan, her shades come in an "old school, b-boy aviator shape", evocative of that guy who was breakdancing behind Slick Rick in that video. As you'd expect from a guerrilla graffitist, the colors can be flashy: white, red, and brown are available, but there's also lime green, (not-hot) pink, baby blue, fluorescent yellow, and hazard orange -- arresting enough that you could accessorize with a pair of road cones.

This might sound dangerously Elton Johnny, but ultimately the design's just conservative enough for you to pull off. And even if Money pushed things further, keep in mind: this is a woman who magically figured out a way for Axl to pull off bicycle pants.