Five acres of manicured bliss

Hamptons Sundays are all about getting in one last summery thrill before heading back to NYC/your summer crib for a solitary week of not-job-hunting. Spend your last weekend hours at The Summer Garden Party, 3-7pm Sundays

As of now, the long-running Southampton Inn soiree has moved to the lush M. Tong's backyard: five acres of manicured lawn typically only opened after 6pm, adorned with tiki torches and a tiki bar, lawn chairs, an outdoor fireplace, New York DJs, and hordes of attractive people uninterested in getting home in time to catch Ron Livingston's career-defying Defying Gravity. The first 100 guests get a comp glass of Champagne, after which it's on to cocktails, either Sunday-only creations from guest mixologist "Sidi B" (blue hawaiis, pineapple iced tea, mixed berry coladas, strawberry martinis...), or Tong standbys like the double-vodka'd/rum/cranberry/lime "Envy" or the (actually) Flaming Scorpion Bowl, which can be enjoyed by three, unlike The Scorpion King, which was only enjoyed by one. A limited grub menu will also be available, with quick gourmet noshes like lamb carpaccio, shrimp & lobster dim sum, and fresh oysters -- far tastier than the canned Malpaqued-in-heavy-syrup variety.

Dress is ultra-casual, and dogs are welcome -- so bring the gang, but don't tell their owners, because they think you're walking them once around the pond.