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Fresh fish for cheap

Because not all Little Tokyo sushi deserves its "A"Show a man good sushi and he'll eat for a night. Show him extremely good, extremely affordable sushi and he'll feast for a lifetime. Enter East.East's claim to semi-fame is two super-cheap nights catering to locals with toro tastes and Chicken-of-the-Sea budgets. What differentiates it from ordinary, vomitous discount sushi is the freshness of the fish, acquired via daily missions to markets so clandestine they have trouble finding themselves. Monday's "salmon night", with large pieces of the tasty upstreamer for $1, salmon toro for $1.50, and rolls for $4.50. Thursday they offer the same ridiculous deals with a Tuna-centric twist (unfortunately, pleas for a lobster night have been roundly mocked in a language you don't understand). Since the place is tiny (and the food insanely inexpensive), they roll sans hostess: jump to sign the clipboard, then cram yourself into a corner and try not to choke on your drool.Some downsides: you can only place orders from the discount menu once, and doggie bags are verboten, forcing you to order no more than you can actually eat. The only responsible choice is to go twice a week until you've got your quantity pegged -- knowledge that's a de facto "fish for life", despite the likelihood that your gluttony kills you.