The Hipster's Dream Photo App

"It sounds like a bad idea." That is—verbatim—the first sentence of the description in the App Store for this app. 1-Hour Photo is basically your phone's version of a disposable camera. The instructions are easy: take a photo, wait an hour, and see the final product in your photo roll. After an agonizing 60 minutes, you can check out a singular moment in time presented with a black-and-white film filter. It's simple, novel, and hipster as f**k. It's not a bad idea at all. 

What makes this app so tragically hip? It's the unnecessary spontaneity and callback to simpler times. 1-Hour Photo doesn't use the iPhone's front-facing camera, which allows the user to stray from selfies and do-overs. Sure, the final result could be easily reproduced with Instagram or, like, an actual film camera—but the novelty in the app is where the appeal lies. (Above is our darling social media editor, Molly.)

The black-and-white, high-contrast colors (which always make everyone look good) are well worth the hour-long wait. It's definitely the most fun way to test your patience and have fun in the year 2014. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor. The idea of not being able to take a selfie makes him want to shrivel into a little ball of hair, teeth, and vomit.