How This Silly Little iPhone Dock Changed My Life

I have a chronic disease.

It’s not life threatening really, but it is, I suppose, extremely annoying. It’s what doctors refer to as “Idiot Who Forgets To Charge His Phone Syndrome." It affects millions every day, and I’m one of them. That was until last week, when the chaps over at 12 South sent me a note asking if I’d considered using a dock to combat my ailment. I hadn’t.

Then this little guy arrived at my desk. Dubbed the "Hi Rise," it's available for a pretty agreeable $34.99 on Amazon. “Huh!” I snickered to myself, half wondering if I’d ever really use the thing, half wondering where I’d find room for it on my clusterf*ck of a workstation. Setup was simple enough; it even does a nice job of elevating the device above all the crap I’m constantly emptying from my pockets.

“Alright, let’s give it a shot," I recall thinking out loud. 

You sort of forget about it, if I’m being honest. It’s just there, and it works. No questions asked. You plug your phone in and it sits there looking right back at you, waiting for action. But what, over the past week or so, has slowly begun to blow my mind, is that no matter where I go—meeting, lunch, appointment—my battery was always at a glimmering 100%.

I felt invincible, that nobody could touch me. There wasn’t an outer borough I couldn’t navigate to without fear of having to read an actual subway map, or worse yet, consulting a stranger. Streaming music? Bring it on. Instagram? Watch out, I’m on a motherf*cking "liking" spree, people! Don’t worry your little fingers ma’am, I’m more than happy to Google “Average lifespan of Pomeranians” for you. Why? Because I’m on full charge baby, and I’ve got juice to spare.

All thanks to this silly little dock.

Ted Gushue is the Executive Editor of Supercompressor. He is now disease free...ladies. Hear his triumph on Twitter @TedGushue