The World's First Chocolate 3D Printer

While the whole world is wasting their time with 3D-printed guns and stem cells, the people behind Choc Edge have combined the cutting edge of technology with the gooey center of dessert and created the world's first 3D Chocolate Printer! It looks like we've found the perfect use for this exciting piece of new machinery. Finally.

Choc Edge
The chocolate printer works almost exactly the same as a regular 3D printer, except it substitutes inedible material with melted chocolate. The chocolate is melted, tempered, and deposited into a 2D cross-section base, which is built up layer by layer until a solid 3D chocolate object is formed. 
Choc Edge
The possibilities of chocolate printing are as endless as they are delicious. What's next? Chocolate ninja stars? Chocolate dinosaurs? Chocolate people?! Oh Future, you're so awesome.

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