Watch A Master Musician Shred On The World's First 3D Printed Violin

3D printing is just coming into its own, giving us products that aren't just useful—they're incredibly detailed, multi-faceted pieces like supercars and bridges that we could only have imagined might be feasible to print just months ago. You can add an electric version of a delicate classical musical instrument to the list of successful 3D printing projects with the 3D Varius, the world's first playable electric 3D printed violin.  

The Varius is the brainchild of designer and violinist Laurent Bernadac and is based on the model of a real, legendary Stradivarius violin. It was incredibly printed in one piece, using the stereolithography method of 3D printing. The trickiest part of the build was designing an instrument made from the 3D printing materials that could both maintain the immense string pressure necessary for a properly tuned violin, while providing the right acoustics needed for a top level instrument.

After checking out this video of Bernadac himself rocking out with the finished product, we'll let you decide if he and his team accomplished their goal. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He loves looping violinists, like Bernadac and Kishi Bashi.

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