It's officially August, people. Start it off right with some fresh 'grams.

It'll be fall before you know it, so soak up those Cali surf & summer vibes while you still can. San Diego-based photog and branding guru Brooks Sterling doles them out in perfect doses.

From the holy land of 85 mph speed limits (Austin, Texas), Revival is one of the best bike shops in the country, doing almost all of their fabrication work in-house and brilliantly transforming everything from Ducatis and Guzzis to Harleys and Kawasakis. Be advised: this account is basically nothing but NSFW bike porn.

Equal parts magnificent and utterly bizarre, this homage to the hamburger is like the food porn of your wildest, drug-addled dreams. 

We're long-time fans of Brooklyn-based Kaufman Mercantile; everything they sell is always handpicked, high quality, and damn handsome. Follow their Instagram for an inside look at their products and workshop shenanigans.

These guys have been around since before you were born and Vincenzo Nibali just rode their bike to victory at the Tour de France. Respect.



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