5 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow This Week: August 22nd Edition

Follow Friday is upon us. 

The artist behind Death Spray turns out some pretty fantastic designs for all manner of two-wheeled vehicles and helmets. He was commissioned to paint the bikes for Cannondale at this year's Tour de France, and his custom motorcycle designs are absolutely wild. 

Two guys from Texas wanted an awesome way to document their road trip, and the idea for Keep Exploring was born. It's turned into a widespread collaboration, with travelers sporting their signature red flag all over the world.

Auto Fabrica’s a bunch of design-types based in England who happen to have a penchant for building uber-clean bikes. The fact that they have great taste—their Instagram’s full of classic bikes, vintage Ferraris, and even the odd VW Rabbit—is just one more reason to follow ‘em.

The official Swiss Railways watch, Mondaine timepieces draw heavily from the modern aesthetics of Swiss Railway iconic clocks. Minimal, clean, classic.

Trust us on this one. Pure gold.