Friday, let's party.

Fresh off the unveiling of his new badass-mobile, the gymkhana king’s Instagram account is exactly how you’d imagine his daily life…full of tire smoke, drifting up snow-covered mountains, and girls, because of course.

Who doesn't love a good boutique hotel? Palihouse has three Los Angeles locations and an Instagram with some very legit design and food porn. 

We stopped by Mollusk while we were in San Francisco earlier this week and loved what we saw. Its 'gram's got a great retro surf aesthetic and will help keep the winter blues at bay.

The Points Guy is Brian Kelly, a nutjob who quit his Wall Street job and now literally just flies first class full-time, blogging about travel tips and airline miles. This is the good life, people: there's no shortage of luxury hotels, airport lounges, and over-the-wing shots here. 

Bikes, cars, girls, booze...yeah, we'll bite.

Keller Powell is the Associate Editor at Supercompressor and can be reached for comment here and here.



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