5 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow This Week: October 17th Edition

Friday, how good of you to come. 

You've seen Peter's work on our site before. Remember those incredible shots of the Silverstone Classic back in September? Yeah. Get this magic in your feed, stat. 

It's October, and either you're already thinking about what you want for Christmas, or you're slowly gaining the energy to amp up your raggedy-ass fall wardrobe. Unionmade stocks a bunch of Supercompressor-approved brands like Filson bags, Shinola watches, Barbour coats, and Red Wing boots. Follow their Instagram for a daily reminder to dress...better. 

Starwood is a Dallas dealership that happens to make some of the most badass Jeeps in the country. Plus, on any given week, they have literally dozens of exotic supercars and even the occasional Formula 1 racer for sale. In other words, they’re not exactly average.

Manual For Speed a.k.a. "the preeminent cycling thing™" is a site dedicated to the sillier side of cycling, featuring tons of photo essays, interviews, and witty marginalia. Their Instagram is required viewing for anyone interested in cycling.

"Florida Man Arrested For Eating Protected Tortoises." Everyone's favorite Twitter @_FloridaMan is now an illustrated masterpiece. Pure gold. 

Keller Powell is an Associate Editor at Supercompressor. Followers beware.