5 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow This Week: October 31st Edition

Friday—hey, you. Aw, love the Halloween costume. Text me your plans later, k? 

If you're into Porsches as much as we are, you must follow Jeff Zwart. He races them, and he's also a brilliant director of commercials. You’ve no doubt seen some of his work for BMW, Porsche, and even Forza, so you can bet the art here is top-notch. Also highly recommend: checking out our latest automotive deep dive into the history of Porsche.

Uplifting one day and heartbreaking the next, Humans of New York offers a brief glimpse into the diverse lives of strangers in the park or sitting next to you on the train. Occasionally, you'll also find people's stories from around the world. 

If you dig our house porn and design round-ups, you'll probably already recognize a few photos on this account. Badass houses and innovative architecture abound.

LA-based Derek Wood does commercial photography for a variety of editorials—mostly of really really good-looking women. 

See the skilled craftsmanship that goes into each and every trailer at the Airstream factory, then follow this classic American land yacht to freedom. 

Keller Powell is the Associate Editor at Supercompressor. Follow along here and here