The only thing more amazing than Robert Rodriguez's TV network is Robert Rodriguez's TV network's Instagram. 

The Firefly is one of our favorite vaporizers—not only because it delivers a top-notch vape session, but because it's developed by two really cool dudes in a San Francisco garage. The Instagram is a nice little reminder to slow down, relax, and inhale delicious vapor into your lungs. 

Two things we never get tired of: portrait photography of beautiful women, and New York City. 

Busch and Busch is run by a couple of brothers in Reno, Nevada, who put together some of the best-engineered bikes we’ve seen. They also make some legit leather goods, and enjoy heading to Bonneville in pursuit of land speed records.
We'll be featuring some of our own over the next few weeks, so you can see for yourself just what it's like to live the Supercompressor life. Meet Ethan, our Gear editor, and resident bikeophile. Interests include used books, reflective materials, Rod Stewart ("just the early stuff"), and dressing in dad-style.



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