5 Things You Could Buy Instead Of Samsung's New $120,000 TV

Samsung's new UHD S9 Series Smart TV is 105 inches of awesomeness. In person, it looks uncomfortably real, but in a good way, and it would perfectly complement your wall—if you live in a gymnasium. HOWEVER, it comes with a ghastly $120,000 price tag, high enough to require scientific notation. (That's 1.2x10^5 dollars, people.) Though we would be happy to flaunt it in front of the Jones's, here're a few things we might choose instead.

A Maserati Quattroporte
Instead of a TV that will depreciate in value astronomically in 10 months, why not moderate that depreciation with a lovely Maserati Quattroporte? It's Italian, fast, luxurious, and has an amazing logo. Also, you would have enough left over to buy a Honda Civic or possibly a Prius—if you can get yourself a deal.

A Pile of Submariners
$120,000 could buy you roughly 15 Rolex Submariners. Maybe not this pile of rare Milsubs, but you could have a Rolex per month, with an extra couple for June, July, and August in case you go to a few weddings that get out of hand.

This Lovely Studio Apartment in Brooklyn
For the same price of the TV, you can live rent-free forever! But you'd still need to get a TV. It's a zero-sum game. You cannot have both.

Omega Pharma-Quick Step's Main Tour de France Bikes
While you couldn't actually ride all nine Specialized Venges and Tarmacs, they would still look nice strewn about your apartment. You also wouldn't have to change any flats and if the shifting was off. Why grab an allen key when you can just grab another bike?

18 Star Alliance Round-The-World Fares
That's right, you could circle the globe 18 times. Of course you could also watch Around the World in 80 Days infinity times on your $120,000 TV and never have to put your shoes on.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He thinks that TV would go quite nicely with his apartment decor. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.