9 Interior Design Instagrams You Need To Follow This Week

Ahh, Winter. You frigid fickle mistress. Get ready people, you're about to spend a lot of time indoors. As you prepare to hibernate in your apartment marathoning Netflix until the thaw, why not take this opportunity to step up your interior design game?

Here for a little inspiration, nine Supercompressor-certified interior design Instagrams.

Photographer Todd Selby unlocks the quirky homes and workspaces of some of the coolest artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and influencers the world over. Follow him and if you like what you see, you should check out his sweet coffee table book.

If you're into mid-century modern furniture and tufted leather couches, stop everything and check out Homestead Seattle. They beautifully restore rare vintage pieces and a lot of what you see on the 'gram is for sale.

Nashville-based interior designer Benjamin Vandiver has perfected the well-balanced living space: sophisticated, cozy, and totally functional with just the right amount of simple details.

Homepolish is like the Uber of interior design—if you've moved into a new apartment or just want to revamp your office, they pair you up with your very own decorator. Seriously, we've seen firsthand what they can do, and unsurprisingly their Instagram is top-notch.

There are some really impressive rooms in here, with no shortage of unique design elements and aspirational dream homes we'd kill for.

No muss, no fuss—just straightforward home inspiration with plenty of clean and comfy spaces.

Dwell magazine looks good on any coffee table, but if you're not into the whole print thing, their Instagram is the perfect hybrid of modern architecture, textiles, art, and interiors. 

Tappan Collective's mission is to connect emerging artists with aspiring art collectors, and their Instagram is a great lesson on how best to showcase artwork in your living space. 

When something has been synonymous with iconic modern design for over 70 years, you should probably pay attention.

Keller Powell is the associate editor at Supercompressor. All she wants for Christmas is a leather butterfly chair. Follow her @kellbellpow.