The Collapsible Speaker You'll Want To Drink Out Of

The collapsible cup is standard for any outdoor activity, but finding speakers to fit in a camping pack or pocket can be frustrating. The Aiia SSSSSpeaker may be your next go-to portable sound machine.

The nifty little gadget collapses down to the size of a hockey puck, delivering a diffused sound, or it expands to the size of a solo cup for more focused, clear vibes. The speaker can even be turned upside down for a little ambient noise. 

It offers eight hours of playback on a single charge, and plugs into any standard 3.5 mm audio jack, with a Bluetooth version on the way next month. Choose from a variety of cool colors to match whatever crazy case you've got on your smartphone. Just be sure not to mistake it for an actual cup and chug beer out of it. Plus, it moooooves!

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He had to give up his nice subwoofer after his neighbor complained.