AIAIAI's New Ghostly Headphones Drop Some Devilishly High-End Sound

AIAIAI's latest iteration of headphones, the TMA-1 Ghostly International Edition, are perhaps its best creation to date.

Lined with Morocco leather on the earpieces, the all-black-everything headphones remain comfortable for an entire work day as they block extraneous noise (read: chatty co-workers) and keep sound strong, yet smooth across any genre. If you work in an open office like I do, prepare for your productivity to skyrocket while wearing these. Well that, and for Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" to have never sounded so amazing. 



See, that's productivity. But for real: the Ghostly edition sports 40mm closed drivers which, as any audiophile can tell you, is high for such small ear pads—indeed, they're only about two inches, significantly smaller than average. In this case, though, the cliche holds true: the best gifts come in small packages. (The cord can lock into the pad, keeping it from being pulled out.)

The cord is no joke. It's five feet long and has a .4 meter coil, keeping it from tangling while being super flexible. A 3.5mm mini jack is on both ends, with one end able to convert to 6.3mm sockets.

They're priced at $250, which is rich, but finding sharper sound for a smaller price won't be easy. Plus, they come with a three-year warranty.

Ryan Hatch is the deputy editor of Supercompressor. Find him on Twitter to talk about Natalie Imbruglia's next career move.