The World's First Intuitive Smartbulb

Published On 09/18/2014 Published On 09/18/2014
The smartbulb of the future
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Bringing us even closer to a world in which every single aspect of our lives is pre-arranged, the Alba bulb is the latest in whip-smart lighting systems, integrated with sensors and intuitive learning tech to adapt and react to our individual schedules and behavior. Excited, tired? It knows. Having people over or reading a book by the fire? It knows this, too. 

Think of it as a personal assistant whose sole purpose is to ensure the lighting is absolutely perfect in every situation.

For starters, it's designed to sync with your alarm clock in the bedroom, mimicking the rising sun to wake you more naturally. As your morning progresses, it will slowly change its color temperature to a brighter white, which studies have shown will subconsciously transition you into productivity mode. 

When the day winds down, it shifts slowly back to a more yellow light to gently trigger relaxation and the release of melatonin. No worries if you want to keep on truckin' late into the evening, though, since any and all of its learned functions can be overridden at your discretion.

When no one's around, the bulb's built-in motion sensors will automatically shut it off to conserve energy and save you money. And if you wake in the middle of the night, it activates a glow low enough to keep you from charging into any walls without waking anyone else up. Take that, Clapper.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and readier than ever never touch a lightswitch again.



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