Amazon's Instant Purchase Button Is Shipping Now

Remember when it looked like Amazon threw down the April Fool's Day gauntlet a day early and teased Dash, an instant delivery button service for household items? And then became the subject of a million pretentious think pieces about the degradation of Western society via mindless consumerism? Today, to everyone's horror, amusement, shock, etc., the service actually goes beyond beta testing and is available for order by all Prime members. 

If you don't remember from the initial hubbub, here's how it works: if you're a Prime member, you can order one of the branded buttons, which you then connect to your home's WiFi network and stick near wherever the corresponding item is used. When you run out of it, press the button and the item is rush delivered. 

If you're content to bend the knee to Lord Amazon and its 18 (as of launch) corporate followers, order yourself some Dash buttons for $4.99 a pop. If you hate rampant consumerism, lament our once great society with weeping. If you don't really care, pat yourself on the back, because that might just be the appropriate reaction.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He'll only get a Dash button for Instant Ramen. 

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