Amazon Prime Now Offers One-Hour Food Delivery From Restaurants

Published On 09/08/2015 Published On 09/08/2015

If you live in Seattle, your reasons for leaving the house have just dropped dramatically. Amazon is offering one-hour restaurant delivery service to Prime members in select zip codes in the Emerald City, starting immediately. And for a limited time, it's completely free. Nom.

The program is being offered through the company's Prime Now option, which already offers one- and two-hour delivery service on select products and groceries. In a similar vein, the company promises to deliver your sashimi and brisket hash within an hour or less, with "no menu markups or hidden service fees."

The new service effectively sets Amazon up as a competitor to food delivery default Seamless/Grubhub. Though, like UberEats and Postmates, the service will additionally let customers track their food orders in real-time, from order placement, to driver pick-up, to sweet, sweet delivery. 

Given Seattle's notorious traffic (fifth in the nation, after Los Angeles and New York), it makes extra sense that the service would launch in the company's flagship town. According to a Reuters article, the program will experiment with the New York market in the very near future, followed shortly after, we're sure, by other major metro areas that currently offer Prime Now.

If the promise of #pacificnorthwest life, one-hour alcohol delivery, and a love of flannel weren't enough to inspire a move to Washington, this'll probably do the trick. 

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and would move to Seattle for the biscuits. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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