Amazon Prime Becomes First Streaming Service To Feature Offline Playback

There's only one downside to streaming TV services: the binge watching stops the moment your Wi-Fi ends. Yeah, you can pay ridiculous data bills every month to keep your Walter White infatuation going on your smartphone when you're out of the house, but if you want to watch on the subway or up in the air, you're out of luck.

Unless you're using Amazon Prime Video, that is. Amazon just announced that its recently retooled Amazon Video app for iOS and Android will support downloads and offline video playback of its entire library, meaning that you'll finally be able to take your video on the road. If you're a Prime member, all you have to do is select a show or movie within the app, press download to save it to your in-app library, and voila, offline entertainment for your phone or tablet.

This is just the latest move in Amazon's quest to take the streaming throne from Netflix, after beefing up their original content and diversifying their streaming options. Will it work? Just check out how many people are fixated on their phone's screens watching videos next time you take the train.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's not giving Amazon the edge until they finally add the latest season of Vikings.

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