Amazon's Echo 360° Speaker Can Also Tell You The Weather

Look, mom, no hands!

But seriously, Amazon's newest innovation can do almost everything hands-free, and this should have you very, very excited. The voice-recognizing Echo is a Siri-of-sorts that connects to the Internet and can tell you pretty much anything you need to know at the drop of the hat. What's the weather like outside? Echo knows. What was the score of the game last night? Well, you might have to specify which game, but still, it knows.

That's not all: it's a 360-degree speaker (can't you tell?) that will sync with any Bluetooth-capable device. Amazingly, it's only $199. Consider it a UE Boom that can look up the lyrics to your favorite song, function as a stock market ticker, and organize your grocery list.

Ryan Hatch is the deputy editor of Supercompressor. He can also tell you the weather...on Twitter.