Meet The Amphibious Robotic War Balls of the Future

The future of military conflict is here gentleman, and its (surprisingly) coming in balls.

The Guardbot, aptly named by Guardbot Inc, skims/swims over water at 4mph, and tops out on land at 20mph. The balls are currently being tested by the Marines Corps Warfighting Lab, potentially being prepped for combat, surveillance, and assisting special ops teams in the field. 

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It keeps the ball rolling with a “pendulum motion” propulsion system that employs nine-axis stabilization. The ball moves, essentially, by shifting it's weight.

Though it currently only holds cameras and surveillance equipment, this little spherical wonder's creators admitted it could easily be outfitted with explosives—holy balls. Watch it above, as it navigates through a treacherous Volleyball area.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Supercompressor, and he loves beach volleyball on the beach. Especially when explosive balls are involved. Follow him @WilWithOnlyOneL