The World Needs This App That Plays Nickelback If You Contact Your Ex

When I broke up with my girlfriend back in college, the only way I could temporarily relieve the humps of malaise I'd get from the pain of no longer being able to hump, was listening to my favorite song, by my favorite band: Nickelback. 

HAHAHA just kidding -- if Nickelback truly was my favorite band, I would have never had the chance to hump anyone or thing in the first place (because they're very not good, you see).

But now in 2015, Youtube comedy troupe Lady Products has developed a way that Nickelback can potentially help broken-up, lamenting individuals in the most Nickelbackian way possible: by using the sheer awfulness of their "music" to prevent people from contacting their exes, through a terrifying (but unfortunately fake) new app.

Basically, whenever you try to check in with your ex, this would-be app plays a Nickelback song, which should snap you back to reality long enough to realize the horrible mistake you are making, or, just make you vomit uncontrollably. Either way, checking out your old flame's Facebook profile just won't be on your mind any more. 


As we said before, this app is purely parody for the moment.

But if any amateur app-makers out there want to make a bundle of cash and our dreams come true -- this might be your (shit-covered) golden ticket. 

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Supercompressor. He assumes Nickelback must have some fans out there -- so, sorry to them. Actually, nevermind. Follow him @WilFulton