Apple Filed A Patent For An iPhone Battery That Lasts A Month

Published On 09/04/2015 Published On 09/04/2015
Pixabay/Stokpic (Edited)

Let's face it: most of us live and die with our phone's battery. Once that little icon hits the red, all focus shifts to a race to the nearest charging outlet -- and it happens all too often. If Apple has its way, daily charging will soon become a thing of the past. The computing behemoth filed a patent back in March (which was made public yesterday) that could change the smartphone battery game forever.

The filing postulates that the optimal way to power our mobile tech could be a fuel cell design, which would be used to convert an unspecified type of fuel into electric power. Basically, what this means, is that "continued operation of portable electronic devices for days or even weeks without refueling" could be made possible, if and when this technology comes to fruition. Apple filing this patent is a viable signal that the replacement to our quickly draining lithium batteries may be coming sooner than anyone expected -- and it could work for all devices, not just phones.

We've already seen a prototype of a similar device, running on hydrogen cells, but with this filing, Apple would be able to depend on its own tech and design. Whatever happens, look forward to being freed from your charging cord sometime in the not too distant future. 

h/t Mashable

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's proud to say he's never plugged his phone in at a bar.

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