Meet The $99 Apple Pencil Steve Jobs Would've Hated (Maybe)

At yesterday's Apple Keynote event, one of the main draws was the iPad Pro. There's definitely reason to be excited -- the next gen tablet is bigger, faster, and stronger than anything we've seen from Apple before -- and maybe the most intriguing aspect of the Pro's reveal was its game-changing accessory, the Apple Pencil.

But the concept of a stylus was reviled by the company's former CEO/guru Steve Jobs, who famously said "as soon as you have a stylus, you're dead." But Jobs is long gone, technology evolves, and times change.
Here are the nitty-gritty details about the new Apple Pencil.

To power all those sensors, you're going to need a charge. Apple posits the Pencil will last for 12 hours of normal use on a full charge -- and once the power levels reach a low point, you don't need any extra peripherals. Just pop off the magnetic cap to reveal the Lightning connector and you can charge directly on your iPad. For every 15 seconds of charging, you'll soak in about 30 minutes of Pencil use.

As useful as the Pencil is, there are a few drawbacks: although it comes with its own case, there's no built-in storage on the iPad Pro itself, so you'll have to carry around two separate pieces of equipment. We're guessing that third-party Pro cases will solve that issue sooner than later (surprisingly, the new Smart Keyboard doesn't include any Pencil support either), and you'll certainly want some protection for your investment, so you'll need a case anyway. And the $99 price tag, may be a little steep for some.

As for Steve Job's famous "hatred" of styluses? At the time when Jobs made his now infamous comment, styluses were used more as fallback for touch-screens that weren't sensitive enough to work well with fingers. With today's touchscreen advancements, the Apple Pencil can add another dimension of use for artists, designers, and hobbyists looking for some extra touch. This is something Jobs didn't take into consideration before, because he didn't need to.

Progress, after all, is one thing Steve Jobs was definitely interested in -- so we're thinking that despite what he said eight years ago, he wouldn't be too upset about the Pencil once he saw everything it can do.

The Apple Pencil will be available with the iPad Pro in November for $99.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. With his track record with pencils, he'd definitely lose this one.

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