All You Need To Know About Today's Big Apple Announcements

Since you probably had more pressing things to do today than sit glued to a livestream of the keynote address for Apple's annual nerdfest, the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), we did you a solid and pulled together the three things worth getting excited about.

The New OS X: Called "Yosemite", it's got a much slicker look and feel (very similar to iOS 7's), and comes with a totally revamped Safari, which promises increased browsing speed and significantly extended battery life while using video streaming services.

iOS 8: While not a total overhaul like iOS 7, the new mobile operating system — available starting this Fall — brings with it some kickass updates including improved keyboard functions (it finally supports Swype!), beefed up messaging options, and a new app called Health, which aggregates all your activity tracking data in one place.

Continuity: For those of us tired of the lack of seamless communication between our various Apple devices this is a gamechanger. Soon you'll be able to shift between devices without issue. For example, if you start typing an email on your iPhone you have the option to hand it off to your nearby Mac to finish it. Or, prompt your phone to call a number retrieved on your Mac.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He can't wait to type faster on his iPhone.