Apple's New MacBook Is An Ultraportable Beast, Here's Why

Published On 03/09/2015 Published On 03/09/2015
Brand New 2015 Apple MacBook

Unless you’re napping under your desk right now a la Costanza, you’ve probably seen that Apple just dropped an entirely new laptop, dubbed simply: MacBook.

Unlike the glossy white clamshell you rocked in college, this 12-inch beast (The Verge thinks it should be named “The Macbook Footlong”) is the freshest approach to mobile computing that we’ve seen in years. Why? Let’s break it down.



See the little MagSafe power adapter sticking out the side of your Apple laptop? That’s done. And all those ports next to it? They’re gone. Now you get one port—yep, uno. USB-C has been kicking around niche products for a little while now, but this is the first time we’re seeing it employed as a cure-all for the connectivity ailments currently afflicting your laptop. It’s flippable, just like the Lightning charger on iPhone 5’s onward, and it pulls triple duty as an input/output/charging port.

What does this mean? You’re gonna be carrying around a bunch of awkward adaptor cables if you care to have any connectivity (charging your iPhone included), but this represents a bold bet by Apple that we’re all but done with our wired inter-gadget relationships. Play around with Apple AirDrop to get an idea of what I’m talking about.


Form factor

You thought your Dad’s MacBook Air that he takes on “work trips” was thin as f*ck? Guess again dude, the new MacBook clocks in at 13.1mm thin—a full 4mm less than the current generation MacBook Air.

The guts Unsurprisingly, to get to the smallest form factor they’ve ever released, they’ve shrunk everything down inside—a full 67% smaller than their previous record holder, if anyone’s counting. This means no fan, no buildup of dust, and generally way less stuff to break/get coated with the nicotine of chronic smokers.

Unless you’re a power user looking to do video processing/editing, this thing most likely has enough capability and storage for 95% of average consumers. The specs are available here, if you’re in the mood to geek out.


The touchpad

To get it this thin, they had to remove the articulated touchpad that you’ve gotten used to using—allegedly that’s fine though, as they’ve developed an entirely new technology that digitally simulates the feel of a clickable trackpad. Early reports indicate that it’s a bit awkward to use, but I’ve got my hopes up.

12-inch retina screen Pretty self explanatory. It’s the smallest, densest display that they’ve ever shoehorned into a laptop. This is a good thing.

The keyboard A bunch of techy terms are being used to describe this, but all that matters is that it’s full-sized and supposedly able to mimic the key feel of current full-size MacBooks.

Colors Just like the iPhone: Silver, “Space Gray”, and “Stunning Gold."

The price $1,299 starting price, with shipment beginning April 10th.



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