Americans Spend More Time Watching Netflix Than Eating Or Having Sex

Published On 09/04/2015 Published On 09/04/2015
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Yeah, we'll admit it -- we spend a lot of time watching Netflix. It might not be the most productive thing in the world, but the second season of Peaky Blinders isn't just going to watch itself. But, the sheer amount of minutes and hours we spend binge-watching is pretty mind-boggling.

According to a study by TDGr Research (and a helpful breakdown by Exstreamist), the average American Netflix user spends about 90 minutes a day streaming video on the service. The only things that Americans do more than watch Netflix, were sleeping, working, and all other leisure activities...combined. 

Here are 5 absolutely vital daily activities that we spend less time on, than Netflix, based on national averages. 



70 Minutes Per Day

Apparently, people would rather spend time streaming No Reservations to watch Anthony Bourdain eat than chow down themselves.

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33 Minutes Per Day

Since working is one of the few things we do more than streaming video from Netflix, we're guessing that you spend most of your trip back and forth away from the screen thinking about what you're going to watch once you're finally home -- unless you're really hooked, and you've jumped ship to Amazon's new offline option for your Wi-Fi-less fix on the subway. 

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49 Minutes Per Day

You know, reading IS important for your mental well-being -- but to us troglodyte Americans, Netflix is importanter. 


Personal/Child Care

25 Minutes Per Day

Since the only thing you're going to be doing is watching Netflix anyway, who cares how you or your kid looks?


"Adult Intimate Time"

2 Minutes Per Day 

There you have it: the American people have decided that Netflix is better than sex.

h/t Exstreamist

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. If you need him this weekend, forget it -- he's got to catch up on Narcos. 

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