Wrap Your PS4 Or Xbox One In Wood

The Playstation 4 is already pretty sleek, but there's something distinctly classy about the Balolo Wooden PS4 Cover. To make your PS4 (or XBox One, if you're Microsoft inclined) stand out from the other trees in the forest, cover it in walnut, bamboo, zebra, or cherry wood, or you can mix and match and add a custom engraving.

Each one is made in Germany from genuine wood, which means it will be special and distinct from every other PS4 out there — just like you! The covers retail for about $200 US, but if you haven't yet sprung for a next-gen system, you can also buy a pre-covered gaming box directly from them. Either way, your PS4 or Xbox One will be right at home in the forest. (Warning: do not play video games in a forest. Bears love video games.)

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He had a rough time converting Euros to U.S. Dollars.