Bang & Olufsen's Murdered Out A8 Sound System Belongs On Your Wall

What's that phrase all of America's youths are saying these days? Ahh, yes: "All black everything." That's the sentiment with the True Black Edition of BeoPlay A8 stereo system. This black-on-black edition of Bang's iconic 2012 speakers features black anodized aluminum, which gives a killer matte black finish to the surface; meanwhile, the front speaker covers are made out of black canvas. 

B&O calls it the "modern-day ghetto blaster," but we'd like to think of it as a classy "current-day neighborhood blaster" that gathers your audiophile friends together for the sole purpose of listening to some really good music really loudly. Also: c'mon, guys. It's 2014. 

Let's talk specs: A wall bracket on the back allows you to hang the BeoPlay A8 on any wall—providing you have a wall that's deserving of this sexiness. True Black is compatible with almost every single portable music player device you own—iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, tablet, laptop, etc. (Zune, unfortunately, is not compatible.) 

Plus, there's an exchangeable dock that allows you to place your phone atop of the stereo. Boom. 

At only 10 pounds, BeoPlay is an unobtrusive, foxy stereo system that will turn any album into a sonic masterpiece with unabashed style and the kind of pride a father feels when his son turns out to be amazing at freestyle rap music.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and will never be the rap star his father so desperately wants him to be.

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