This New Star Wars Toy Is Poised To Take Over The World

The opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is quickly approaching, and as the characters and plot of the decade's most anticipated movie are revealed, the inevitable tidal wave of officially licensed gear is primed to bring balance back to collectors everywhere.

And tomorrow, we may be seeing the hottest toy of this holiday season: a fully functional BB-8 droid. The round, rolling droid from the first The Force Awakens trailer, has gotten the full toy treatment from the folks at Sphero. Don't be fooled, this isn't just a model for your desk -- it's a real, remote-controlled droid, that can even act autonomously. 

The toy, just like the BB-8 in the movie, is a two-piece mechanical wonder, rolling around on its base as its head stays totally still. You can move it via the connected app, or with verbal commands. But, the big selling point here is that BB-8 has an autonomous mind of its own, and its unique attitude and actions evolve as you interact.

Along with its personal companion features, you can use the BB-8 to record and view holographic images, just like a certain other beloved droid in the Star Wars universe. Just don't put BB-8 and your R2-D2 micro-vac in a room alone together... somebody might get jealous.  

The BB-8 can be yours for about $200 at Firebox, starting Force Friday (which is this Friday, September 4th, for you non-Jedi Knights).

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He'll take any droid as long as it's not C-3PO.

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