This Belt Will Charge Your Phone, Secure Your Pants

"Fully charged & lookin’ good" are the words adorning XOO Belt's website—a phrase worthy of a company that has so skillfully weaved electronics with fashion. What do you do when your phone's hangin' around the ten percent mark and there isn't an electrical plug in sight? Using a subtle charging cable hidden within the buckle, XOO Belt uses conveniently slips into your iPhone's charging port for a surprisingly covert e-quickie.  

With enough juice to top off your iPhone or Android, the XOO Belt is designed with a lithium ceramic polymer battery that's weather-resistant and fully prepared for any pants-related activities that may get thrown in the mix.

The fact that this thing has a brain doesn't make it any less stylish; each one is made from drum-dyed vegetable-tanned Italian leather and has a zinc buckle chock full of voodoo and/or dark magic. 

To charge the charger, simply remove it from your slacks and plug it into your computer. It may seem like a foreign motion at first, but—as the future progresses—you'll get gradually used to wearing things that make you feel like a robot.