9 MP3 Players That Somehow Still Exist

It sounds insane, but somewhere in the world, there are MP3 players being manufactured while you read this sentence.

This a corollary that's even more unbelievable: someone, somewhere in the world is using an MP3 players that isn't the iPod. Possible reasons for this are a) they are my parents and have flip phones, b) they exercise in a neighborhood where swarms of kids steal iPhones from runners, or c) they are into "nostalgia" and "prefer the sound of vintage technology." 

Here's what's still out there.

FiiO X1

Price: $106 
The product photo is extremely low res, but it has 4.5 stars on Amazon. Reviewers talk about “ohms” and “kHz” and “lossless audio.” This must be really pro. 

Mach Speed Eclipse 4GB 

Price: $24 
This looks like one of those older iPod Nanos. But it has a radio! Maybe this is why people use these instead of a phone! Phones don’t have FM radios!

Trio Stealth Lite 

Price: $39
This thing runs an old version of Android and can play YouTube videos. That’s pretty good for a $40 player. Mini tablet!

Samsung Muse 

Price: $44
It’s like one of those old Nanos where you were completely at the mercy of the random song algorithm. I guess that’s why it's clearance.

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 

Price: $40 
I actually still have two of these. I used them up until I got a smartphone in 2013. I got severely made fun of for it, but it was phenomenal, except I could never figure out the playlist thing. They’re still trucking and are currently topping the lofty Amazon MP3 player charts.

Sony Walkman 

Price: $58
This is what a Walkman looks like. This is the future everyone wondered about in 1984. Didn’t turn out like you planned, did it?

Kubik Evo

Price: $31
Powered by Microsoft PlayFX technology. Whatever that is. What sounds pretty cool is 20 hours of playtime on a single charge. People seem to love them and appreciate them with gruff and realistic expectations: “I don’t pretend to have the musical ‘ear’ of Bach or Stravinski. Why do people buy a budget MP3 player and expect the sound quality to be equal to a full symphonic orchestra?” Why indeed.

Metal Clip Digital MP3 Player 

Price: $8  
Apparently it performs like an $8 dollar MP3 player. The Q&A section is hilarious:

Q: "It says FM radio—how do you get that to function on the menu?"
A: "It broke as soon as I took it out of the box.”

Lonve 8GB

Price: $18 
I could be wrong, but this looks exactly like an old iPod. I mean, look at the headphones. However, it says “Please note that this is not an iPod.” A reviewer says “Very poor quality. Does not work.”

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is still the (proud) owner of two Sansa Clips. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.