The 9 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Every Scenario

Published On 03/17/2015 Published On 03/17/2015
The best Bluetooth speakers

Need music for a day of basking on the beach? How about obliterating a Tough Mudder? Or maybe you just want a pocket-sized powerhouse. No matter what you're looking for, there's a perfect Bluetooth speaker to suit your needs and keep the jams pumping. Here are nine of our favorite sound monsters.


The most rugged

Price: $230
Forged out of fiber-reinforced resin, there’s no tougher speaker on the market. But durability doesn’t come at the expense of sound: the drivers are tilted upward at an eight-degree angle for superior audio. It’s dustproof, waterproof, mudproof, shockproof, and with its simple Bluetooth pairing, idiotproof. 


The waterproof option

Water destroys most Bluetooth speakers, but not the Aqua. The characteristic hull-shaped design lets it float in water while blasting sound up to a 33-foot range. You’ll get 10 hours of play on a single charge, making it perfect for the world’s longest shower.


The best travel companion

JBL Clip
Price: $50
At just five ounces, the JBL's ultralight frame houses a powerful package that’ll afford you five hours of playtime before needing a charge. Its unique, built-in carabiner means you can secure it anywhere on the go. It's the keychain of the speaker universe.


The best for biking

Price: $80
NYNE Cruiser
With special handlebar mounts, water resistance, and a noise-canceling microphone, the Cruiser is the ideal speaker for the two-wheeled audiophile.


The most beautiful design

Price: $130
You may find deeper bass or higher volume elsewhere on this list, but nothing tops the sleek, retro-inspired vibes of the InnoFLASK. The speaker fits neatly in a carrying case that doubles as a speaker mount for a convenient, condensed package that both travels and looks smart.

Big Turtle

The party animal

Big Turtle Shell
Price: $230
Designed for indoor and outdoor use with a blaring 110 decibels of sound, the Big Turtle Shell will take you from patio BBQ to living room rager with ease. Loud, durable, and beer-resistant, it's the perfect speaker to have when your parties get a little more Motley CrĂĽe than jazz flute.

Cole Saladino

The most "fun-sized"

Symphonized NXT
Price: $30
Most of the time, bigger is better...but not always. The natural acoustic properties of wood are used in concert halls around the world, and they’re put to use once more in this palm-sized musical companion. Made from walnut or bamboo, the whole thing is just 1.75-inches tall and houses the controls on the bottom, giving it a streamlined appearance.


The best sound

Bose SoundLink III
Price: $300
Booming base, four drivers, and crystal clarity are to be expected with Bose, but add to that the 14-hour playtime and razor-thin profile, and you’ve got impeccable sound with features that make it unexpectedly user-friendly considering the high level of tech inside.

UE Boom

The best overall

UE Boom
Price: $200
In the Westminster of the speaker world, the UE Boom takes best in show. The 360-degree surround sound is the basis for, well, booming audio with an astounding 15 hours of battery life. It’s compact, water-resistant, and like everything else that’s important in life, fits in a cup holder.

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