10 Things You Need To Know About From This Year's CES

Every year, major brands and upstarts alike flock to Las Vegas to unveil their latest and greatest technology. The buzzing, whirring, blinking sea of new products is never not overwhelming, so to keep you up to speed on the biggest breakouts you should care about from this year's CES, here are the nine debuts most worthy of your attention.

Future, here we come.

Sharp Aquos Beyond 4K Ultra HDTV - $TBA
If you've had the pleasure of watching something on a 4K screen, then you know the eye-popping hyperreality that comes with that sort of pixel power. Don't get too comfortable, though, because Sharp's new 80-inch offers nearly four times the pixels in a standard 4K (66 million, for the record), achieving a level of clarity they describe as "virtual 8K." Are your eyes ready?

Dish Network Sling TV - $20 per month
If you're a sports fan who's been holding out for the right moment to cancel your cable and rid yourself of the bloated bills, it may be time to cut the cord for good thanks to this forthcoming streaming service from Dish. Essentially, it offers you real-time access to a batch of channels (including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, and others) for $20 a month, with no commitment. Suck on that, Time Warner!

Zolt Charger - $80
Lighten the carry-on load and ditch your bulky laptop adaptor for one of these mini pillars of power, which can swiftly juice up computers, tablets, and smartphones simultaneously via its trio of USB ports and proprietary components that make it compatible with nearly any device on the market.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Moment - $2,800
The design-forward folks at B&O are at it again with their latest audio player, which sports a handsome and seriously innovative touch-sensitive real wood panel. Use it to plug in or stream from any number of devices, and play with the color-coded "MoodWheel" on its flipside to drum up fresh or familiar tunes that'll suit your mood.

Belty Smart Belt - $TBA
Forget your post-lunch loosening of the belt, because this startup has developed a pants cinch with a built-in motor that adjusts to your growing or shrinking waistline throughout the day, pairing with an app that tracks your exercise and food intake. And if this metallic iteration isn't your cup of tea, fear not, they'll have some new styles coming in the future.

Netatmo Welcome - $TBA
A huge step for smart home security systems, this unobtrusive wireless camera is equipped with face-recognition software, pinging you with the names of whoever's coming and going in real time. Cheaters, burglars, and latchkey kids: beware.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion - $TBA
It may be a bit premature to hop in a self-driving electric car on the open road and not wreck it (or yourself, for that matter), but Mercedes is working hard to change all that with their newest debut this week. The luxurious cabin features four cushy swiveling seats, as well as gesture and manual controls, should things get a little hairy as you're cruising. [More...]

Samsung SUHD S9W TV - $TBA
The culmination of a partnership between Samsung and "it" industrial designer Yves Behar, this enormous, extra-wide 82-inch curved screen is not only special for its 21:9 aspect ratio, but is, at its core, designed to be equal parts theater experience and sculpture. 

Parrot Pot - $TBA
For the black-thumbed plant-lovers out there, the team behind the original Parrot Flower Pot have developed this all-in-one smart irrigation system that not only actively measures the soil hydration, but releases H20 from a one-month reservoir as necessary, so you can freely forget to water it, as you would have anyway.

Sony Walkman Hi-Res Digital Music Player - $1,200
Far exceeding its ancestors' simple cassette playing abilities (and price tag), Sony's brand spankin' new Walkman is packed with top-of-the-line tech designed for audiophiles who want to listen to studio master-quality recordings from a sleek, portable unit. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He occasionally tightens his belt after a huge meal as masochistic punishment.