14 Gadgets Your Pet Would Ask For If They Could Talk

Our four-legged friends provide us with unconditional love and endless amusement, and in return we scratch their bellies and try not to step on them.

But if you want to go beyond traditional pet TLC into a realm of Buzzfeed-level devotion, check out these toys and tech gadgets you and your pet will drool over. Plus a compression suit for camels, just for kicks.


The mystery of the disemboweled couch cushions is finally solved. Petcube is a baby-sitting, HD video-streaming spy box that lets you keep tabs on your pup remotely via iPhone. There’s even two-way audio control so you can reprimand Fido before you come home to a trash-strewn apartment.


If your pup is packing on the pounds, they might need a fitness tracker of their own. FitBark attaches to the collar, gauging rest and activity.

Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell

Price:$52 for a two-pack
Don’t let your dog scratch at the door to be let in like some kind of animal. These two-way doorbells come with an easy-to-activate sound pad and a treat dispenser to help train them.


For those too lazy to play with their dogs is iFetch, a ball-thrower that serves up all the joys of pup-ownership without the commitment of daily game-playing. Ah, America.

Camel Compression Suit

Price:Available upon request
Every athlete knows the value of compression clothing, so it only makes sense that a United Arab Emirates-based company would apply this tech to their national workhorse, the camel. Designed to improve blood flow, oxygen, and support muscles, these compression suits will supposedly decrease cramping while simultaneously making animals look like they’re entered in the Tour de France.

GoPro Fetch Harness

Finally, your pets can go pro, too. Fetch gives you a bird’s eye view of their antics, with a comfortable and secure harness. 

Talk 'N Play Bird Toy

Have a bird but no time to interact? Give ‘em their very own Talk Boy with buttons that provide endless entertainment/phrases to mimic.


Skype for your pet, basically. This two-way video system can be installed directly above your pet’s water and food bowls, so you can be sure you won’t miss them. Get a hobby.

DogTread Dog Treadmill

Price:Available upon request
The owner-dog pair that exercises together...lowers their risk of heart disease together?

The Canine Shower Stall

If you think your four-legged friends deserve a better shower than you do, spring for this 16 jets-nozzled beast with a detachable handheld hose. And then maybe re-evaluate your priorities.

FroliCat Bolt

Torture your cat for hours on end with this rotating laser pointer they can never, ever catch. You monster.


Doggie dehydration is a thing of the past. This step on, step off water fountain that attaches to the hose means they’ll have clean H2O on demand.

Disco Dog

Dress up your dog's duds with an LED-lit, color-changing vest that will, if nothing else, make sure you never lose him on a nighttime walk.


Price: In beta testing
Though not yet available to you peons of the public, for its lucky few recipients, Catstacam will snap a photo from your cat’s collar every minute, then upload it to their own Instagram account once they’re in Wi-Fi range. It was really only a matter of time.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Woof. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.