26 Brilliant Google Hacks You Should Be Using

Imagine a world without Google. A world where you could never seek out more information about wallabies or find out how to spell "wallabies." Google is the gift that keeps on giving, which makes itself apparent whenever we find especially useful hidden features on the homepage.

Courtesy of a user on Imgur—and a little digging of our own—here are 26 brilliant Google hacks that'll make your day easier than you ever thought imaginable. 

1. Get local weather instantly by typing "new york weather"

But only if you live in New York.

2.  Find specific mp3s to download by typing "intitle: index.of?mp3"

Watch out for the MPAA!

3. Start an instant timer with "set timer for one minute"

If you don't want to use your iPhone or an egg timer.

4. Find the molecular makeup of anything located on the sidebar 

Want to see a close-up picture of Sulfuric acid?

5. Listen to the pronunciation of any word by clicking on the speaker icon

If it doesn't come up, type "definition: [word]" and it'll show up.

6. Convert different units of currency

"12,000 GBP to USD" will show you how weak we are.

7. Get the exact time of the sunset by typing "sunset new york"

It works with sunrise too, if you're up.

8. Translate website URLs into different languages to bypass proxies and cookies

Just paste your URL into Google Translate.

9. Search for retail within a certain price range by using periods between two price points

"Samsung TV 500...700" will keep things in your price range.

10. Get instant flight information by typing in your flight number

And airline, obviously.

11. Get Google to write out large numbers in plain English with "83938427393=English"

"Eighty-three billion nine hundred thirty-eight million four hundred twenty-seven thousand three hundred ninety-three." Jesus. Weirdly we couldn't get it to read numbers into the trillions or quadrillions.

12. Search for the filetype (.gif, .jpg) you want by adding it to the end of your search query

Or if you just want animated .gifs, filter your image search by selecting "animated."

13. Find out when movies (starring Paul Rudd!!!) are released by adding "release date" after the name of the film

"Ant-Man release date" will get you your Rudd fix.

14. Put quotation marks around the phrase you're looking for to yield specific results

If you didn't know this one, come on.

15. Get the local time in any country with a phrase as simple as "time Afghanistan" 

If this is your local time, good luck!

16. Google’s search bar is a calculator

Time to chuck your TI-83 Plus.

17. Find recipes that don't have a certain ingredient by using the "-" key: "dessert - sugar" 

And lose weight! 

18. Find the etymology of anything by simply putting "etymology" behind the word

Velociraptor = modern Latin, from Latin velox, veloc- ‘swift’ + raptor. And "raptor" means thief in Latin. But "bird of prey" in English, so Sam Neill was actually right.

19. Type in "do a barrel roll" into the search bar and see what happens

Just watch.

20.  Use Google's search bar as a tip calculator by typing in (duh) "tip calculator" 

Or learn math.

21. Put "related" behind the name of any website to see related sites

"Related Redtube" should get you what you want, er, need.

22. Compare and contrast your favorite foods by putting "vs." between the two foods

Pizza usually loses. Or does it really win?

23. Use asterisks to fill in the blanks for search queries you can't finish

"How to * with a girl."

24. FINALLY figure out how the damn Metric System works by typing "one inch to meter"

Stop multiplying by 0.0254!

25. Track down the best Asian fusion spots nearby

Because who wants to download Yelp, amirite?

26. Get up-to-date information on your favorite team

"Red Sox Score." Go Sox!

Jeremy Glass is a writer for Supercompressor by day and a waiter at one of those singing/dancing restaurants at night. Follow him on Twitter: @CandyandPizza

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