Underground Eco-Parks And The Best Kickstarters This Week

Ahh, Friday…the welcome wagon to the weekend!

SensorWake Smell Alarm Clock 

Status: $130,313 of $54,751 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery:  November 2015
Waking up to a shrieking alarm clock sucks. The SensorWake takes a more subtle approach to getting out of bed by dispensing a pleasant scent of your choice: including Espresso, Hot Croissant, Grass, Chocolate, Peppermint, and the Kickstarter-exclusive Dollar. And if the alluring smell of money doesn’t do the trick, an audible alarm trigger is programmed to go off every three minutes to ensure a fresh morning start.

HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle 

Status: $222,088 of $35,000 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: December 2015
According to health experts, you apparently need, like, six gallons of water a day to stay hydrated. This smart water bottle is designed to track your daily hydration via built-in sensor stick that communicates with your smartphone to determine water goals. It accomplishes this by taking into account the air temperature, elevation, physical stats, and even daily activities. Oh yeah, it also glows as a reminder to drink up.

OpenEars Binaural Headphones 

Status: $43,813 of $137,325 goal
Estimated Delivery: November 2015
These aren’t your average Bluetooth in-ears. The OpenEars are engineered to replicate the nuanced binaural sound that human ears naturally capture to deliver “awe-inspiring acoustic quality.” In other words, it records and sends 3D audio straight to your eardrum. Some of its other features include live-streaming capabilities, passive noise isolation, and connectivity support for GoPro cameras.

The Hughes – Aerospace Grade Titanium Aviator Sunglasses 

Status: $127,508 of $5,000 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: July 2015
Enter The Hughes: a pair of indestructible aviators that balance style and sustainability at a cost-efficient value. The specialty frames are constructed from aerospace grade titanium, which is the same material featured in fighter jets and Lamborghinis. As an added bonus, they're water resistant with a hydrophobic coating that repels moisture and water buildup.

The Lowline Lab 

Status: $42,000 of $200,000 goal
Estimated Delivery: 2016
Back in 2012, the Lowline team set out to create a verdant underground park in the 60,000 square foot abandoned trolly terminal under the Lower East Side. Now the project has just launched its latest Kickstarter campaign to help build a “long-term testing exhibition” dubbed the Lowline Lab where they aim to host community events and free workshops, while working on a method to funnel sunlight underground. The promo shots alone promise great things. Definitely check it out.

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