Here's How To Tell If You've Been Affected By Apple's Largest Account Hack Ever

Published On 08/31/2015 Published On 08/31/2015

Typically, Apple products, especially those that run on iOS, are thought to be nearly impervious to malware and other computer viruses. Typically, they are -- but there are exceptions to the rule.

A security company recently discovered what is possibly the biggest Apple account theft ever caused by malware, which was a surprise, because the entry path for the malicious programs was via iPhones. The bug essentially lets hackers purchase premium App Store programs for free and, frighteningly, take affected devices "for ransom." Here's what you need to know about the KeyRaider malware vulnerability:

- Over 225,000 Apple accounts have been affected by the malware in 18 countries, including the US.

- Only accounts tied to jailbroken devices have been affected. If your phone isn't jailbroken, you're safe. If you're unsure whether your phone is jailbroken or not, don't worry -- it's not. 

- Even if your device is jailbroken, you need to have downloaded an app from a third-party Cydia repository to be affected. If you haven't done that, you're safe as well.

- If you're still worried about being affected by the hack, head to this Chinese company's site to find out for sure. There is a way to reverse jailbreak your device, so all isn't totally lost. 

h/t BGR

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's not savvy enough to jailbreak his phone in the first place, so he's all good.

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