Free It Up: The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 06/20/14

Bring it on, weekend.

Price: $55
Status: $13,901 of $60,000 goal
Estimated delivery: October 2014
Want to dip your toe into the homebrew pool? This is an all-in-one system designed to make it stupid-simple to brew your own custom beer in just a week. All necessary ingredients—hops, yeast, custom flavors, etc—come pre-weighed so all you have to do is toss 'em in the barrel, wait seven days, then get your drink on.

Price: $200
Status: $786,716 of $305,000 goal — FUNDED
Estimated delivery: January 2015
Ready to liberate yourself of tangle-prone headphones? Good news: these teeny tiny, rechargeable wireless earbuds are here to keep you jamming to the beat with total freedom. [More...]

Bison Bag
Price: $70
Status: $20,318 of $15,500 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: August 2014
Right up there with bean bag chairs and waterbeds, hammocks take the act of lounging to a whole new level. Though with the Bison Bag we have a gamechanger: a hammock-sleeping bag hybrid. [More...]

Recon 6 Watch
Price: $275
Status: $15,599 of $50,000 goal
Estimated delivery: September 2014
Whether you're knee-deep in the doomsday prepper scene or simply want to feel like MacGyver, this adventure watch has you covered. Tucked beneath the dial are a set of 14 tools that may very well save your life in a pinch, including a firer striker, rescue whistle, 25 feet of braided fishing line with hooks, magnifying glass, LED flashlight, compass, and even a sheep hook, designed for dressing out small game.

Price: $1,195
Status: $269,086 of $200,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: November 2014
Essentially a GoPro strapped to a quadcopter, this vaguely threatening flying machine is basically an auto-flying drone that follows you around like, well, a dog, via a virtual leash. Want to get a stunning aerial shot of yourself riding an epic wave? Or barreling down the mountain on fresh powder? This is your cameraman. [More...]

Price: $15
Status: $61,088 of $14,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: August 2014
Dish duty is the worst. Though worse than scrubbing caked-on grease from a pan is fishing out the food particles clogging up the drain. Two dudes finally decided to put an end to the madness and engineered this ingenious little piece of malleable plastic. It's a drain catcher with a built-in handle that let's you scoop everything up in one swift motion without ever grazing the cold mushy remnants.


Price: $149
Status: $9,659 of $150,000 goal
Estimated delivery: April 2015
Like Smell-O-Vision for the 21st Century, this strange-looking device works in tandem with a free smartphone app and allows you to receive scent messages. For example, say you're out enjoying one of the most deliciously fragrant burgers of your life and want to boast about it to your buddy at home. You pull up the oPhone app, adjust the aroma dials to match the ingredients you're smelling, and send. Your friend, assuming he has the oPhone, will be prompted to take a whiff of the diffuser, which will be emitting the scent you dialed up by mixing together a unique combination of aroma cartridges inside. And good luck trying to stump it—it's capable of producing over 300,000 unique smells. Welcome to the future, everybody.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's intrigued by scent messaging but a little concerned about the prank wars it will launch.