Change channels with a wink

So your lazy self can channel surf without lifting a finger, the Winkymote is a groundbreaking new system that gives you the power to turn your TV on and off and change channels via a series of special blinking commands — an awesome amenity until allergy season kicks in.

Initially developed for quadriplegics to simulate the behavior of flipping channels with a standard remote, it's a strip of malleable material integrated with a small circuit that serves as a second skin, and is gently attached to the edge of the user's eyes. To operate, the user trains themselves to blink in a deliberate manner on either side, which sends certain infrared signals to a console hooked up to the television — freeing you from ever again having to fish out the remote from between the couch cushions.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor for Supercompressor. He's struggled to master the art of the wink for more years than he cares to admit.